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Trainings & Certification

Get Certified with Justice Movement

Learn to lead.  Justice Movement offers trainings and certifications for those who wish to become a peer educator. Learn to facilitate dialogue, offer training sessions, and grow your leadership capacity in your community.  There are three levels of training; levels two and three include certification.  Contact us to book a training or certification course for your organization. A minimum of 10 participants is recommended.

Level 1: Peer Space Holder Training.  Hold space for discussions, round tables, and structured peer-led meeting groups.  Organize demographic groups for unpacking privilege, embracing responsibility. Strategize how to bring more awareness to your communities.  (click here to apply for our upcoming  training).


Level 2:  Facilitate targeted presentations on specific topics.  Address organizational concerns. Includes Justice Movement Certification.


Level 3:  Facilitate intensives and general Social Justice Trainings.  Train peer educators. Includes Justice Movement Certification.



Check out our events page to see upcoming online training opportunities.

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