Justice Movement Offerings

We have a wide variety of offerings to meet you along your journey .

Topic Specific Workshops

Take your event, group or organization to the next level.

We cover topics such as: 

  • Microaggressions

  • Cultural Appropriation

  • Consent

  • Anti-racism

  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity, Pronoun usage and gender in the workplace

  • Gender equity

  • Radical love, deep community: calling in and calling out.

  • Understanding the Black Lives Matter movement

  • Introduction to allyship

  • and more... have a topic you want customized get in touch.

Reimagine your space and possibilities.

Evaluate your company, community or space.  Identify inclusivity barriers and areas of potential growth with compassionate consultation.  

Start by accessing our Evaluation Tool

Level up remotely and immerse yourself in social justice.

Book an intensive to access resources and expert facilitation.

Check out our upcoming offerings here.

Open your heart, get woke.

Learn to Lead

Learn to facilitate dialogue and grow your leadership capacity in your community.

Customised Consulting

In addition to the services outlined above we are also available for customised consulting. 

Get in touch for more information.