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At Justice Movement, we understand the uniqueness of each community, studio, company, sport, or organization. We’ve worked with niche communities, globally and locally focused NGOs, organizations large and small, and eclectic industries to incorporate intersectional analysis and practices into the fabric of strategy and operations. 

Check our current offerings below, our ongoing courses, our rates, and to continue the conversation fill out our short application to work with us and we will be in touch! 

All offerings are remote unless otherwise specified. 

In-person options available upon request. 

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Customized Consulting

Have some burning questions about good practices, optics, language or approaches to inclusivity within your company or organization? Would you like an outside perspective on a workplace issue, or support making a strategic plan to catalyze a culture shift? Customized consulting is right for you - we offer these services in addition to our regular courses and other programming. Consulting is available virtually, in-person, and via email. Rates are hourly, with discounts available for retainer packages and more involved projects.  Let us know how we can help.


Level up and immerse yourself in social justice.

We offer regular courses with both general and topic-specific content. Expect vetted resources in a variety of learning styles (podcasts, articles, videos, etc) expert facilitation, and intimate, relational learning. Courses are generally 12-40 hours of facilitated content over multiple weeks, plus homework and small-group work in between sessions. These are NOT lectures, but rather participatory, vulnerable, and reflective opportunities to grow in community. 

Check out testimonials from participants, and upcoming courses for scheduled dates or each courses' page for course descriptions and registration forms. 


Do you have a group of 8-22 people (or more) that you want to register this course for?  Are you interested in customizing one of our courses for your context? Hiring us to design a course from scratch? We'd love to connect.  Fill out this apply to work with us form to start the conversation. 

Aiming for Allyship

12 hours: deepen understanding, support, & commitment

Allyship & Housing Justice

12 hours: explore your values, intersectional identity, and

how to make ethically-informed decisions on your housing journey.

Yoga: Inclusivity & Liberation

18 hours: Building a liberatory and inclusive yoga community.

Incorporating a social justice lens to your yoga practice, spaces and teaching

Systems of Oppression & Antidotes

18 hours: Identify how systems of oppression show up in our lives

and the alternatives and antidotes needed to practice modeling liberation. 

Peer Space Holder Training

40 hours: Dismantling oppression, embracing responsibility, and enacting change.

Social Justice Overhaul


Reimagine your space and possibilities.

Evaluate your company, community or space. Identify barriers to inclusivity and diversity and areas of potential growth with compassionate consultation.  

Start by filling out our 'Apply to work with us' form.  We will then be in touch. 

Social Justice Integration Cohort

Learn with other organizations over six months

A social justice overhaul program designed for a group of 6-8 organizations over 6 months.  The program is structured around a one-on-one intake form and 6 small group sessions to explore the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging framework of your organization and its members.  Sessions prioritize relationship building while being analysis and solution driven. They will give you the tools, community and road map to better align with your values while doing this work in a cohort of other like-minded groups. Completing this program will demystify your way forward, unpack difficult issues and inspire you to make deep organizational shifts from the inside out. 

Organizations get the benefit of going through our framework for transformation at more accessible rates while learning in community with others.  Participating organizations are encouraged to invite 2-3 people that are active in thinking and acting to integrate social justice.  

Learn to Lead

Approximately once every other year, we offer a deep dive into facilitation, leadership, communication, and dismantling systems of privilege and oppression. Learn to facilitate dialogue and grow your leadership capacity in your community. This course entails 40 hours of facilitated content over a 3 month period.  As with all of our courses, expect excellent resources, expert facilitation, and intimate, relational learning. You will meet with your “pod” between sessions to process homework and build a strong, connected cohort. Build the confidence to facilitate dialog around difficult topics and be in leadership roles.

 Topic Specific Workshops


Schedule topical workshops for events, or to take your group or organization to the next level.

We cover popular topics such as: 

  • Microaggressions

  • Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

  • Sex and Communication: cultivating a culture of consent

  • Dismantling White-Supremacy Culture within your organization

  • Breaking down Racism in structures, systems, and institutions

  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity, Pronoun usage and gender

  • Gender equity

  • Radical love, deep community: calling in, calling out and calling up

  • Principles of Disability Justice: big impacts with small changes

  • Grassroots organizing and social movements

  • and more... have a topic you want customized get in touch.

Coaching & Mediation

Something has happened in your organization or community. You need help determining best practices going forward and next steps. You’re having friction with a colleague or family member related to issues like discrimination, racism, gender, etc. We’re here for you. Simple hourly coaching or mediation to support your process.

Coaching & Mediation
Social Justice Overhaul
Social Justice Integration Cohort
Customized Courses
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