Picture of Justice Movement founders Nat and Danya, smiling in front of a mural, both wearing black hats and black jackets.


We offer intersectional social justice training and consulting for practitioners, leaders, teachers, managers, owners and people of all stations of life.  Check out our upcoming online courses.

Our Mission

Justice Movement is a training and educational collective committed to promoting a functional analysis of systemic privilege and oppression. As teachers and practitioners in several fields, we are aware of a strong desire for our organizations and communities to become more inclusive,  diverse and affirming.  Informed and accountable communities are essential to individual health, survival, and social change. In order to work towards healthy and accountable communities, we must acknowledge and address systemic inequality, power dynamics, and injustice. We need to lift each other up. To support this process, Justice Movement provides tools, trainings and consulting focused on building and applying a working analysis of intersectionality, inclusivity and social justice.

Movement is the foundation for living, Justice is the foundation for Life
Not everything that is faced can be changed... but nothing can be changed until it is faced.  James
We rise by lifting others
Black Lives Matter
What's justice got to do with it? Everything
None of us are free until we are all free
Gender is a spectrum

Nat and Danya founded Justice Movement in 2018 to serve as a vehicle for their shared passion of infusing social justice, accountability and transformational learning into the circus and acrobatic community. As the company has grown, so has the audience and they have found that their work has a broad appeal. They have a combined 30+ years of experience facilitating and consulting around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, grassroots organizing, and community building. They bring a robust mixture of on the ground lived experience and academic rigor. Nat and Danya specialize in intimate, relational learning, building custom courses tailored to specific groups and topics, and a multi-faceted participatory process that feels more like an expansive personal journey than a class. Join us. 

Ariel Mihic- She/Her

Occupied Territory of Coast Miwok

aka Sonoma, California

Aiming for Allyship - 4 week Course

I wish this course was required for anyone participating in movement practices. If we all knew how to relate to each other through the lens of what is taught in this course around privilege, intersectionality, allyship, and holding each other accountable, our community spaces would feel much safer and welcoming. To stand outside of this work, is to stand outside of envisioning spaces of true belonging.

Natalie Brewster Nguyen
Danya Davis
Colorful Houses

Allyship in Ownership