We offer intersectional social justice training for movement leaders, teachers, and practitioners.

Our Mission

Justice Movement is a training and educational collective committed to promoting a functional analysis of systemic privilege and oppression. As teachers and practitioners in several fields of fitness, we are aware of a strong desire for our studios and communities to become more inclusive and diverse. Informed and accountable communities are essential to individual health, survival, and social change. In order to work towards healthy and accountable communities, we must acknowledge and address systemic inequality, power dynamics, and injustice. We need to lift each other up. To support this process, Justice Movement provides tools and trainings focused on building and applying a working analysis of intersectionality, inclusivity and social justice.

Incorporate Social Justice into your current offerings 

Your teacher trainings, studio experience, in person or online

Immerse Yourself

Weekend intensives, social justice retreats for your organisations, or day long additions to your festivals

Learn to Lead

Take your commitment to the next level learn to lead social justice sessions and events

Natalie and Danya are professional acro, yoga, movement, fitness and performance teachers. We are also trainers and educators in the fields of social justice, grassroots organizing, diversity inclusion, privilege and oppression, and community building. We each bring a wealth of experience in the diversity and social justice fields, including facilitating, training, and academic engagement We believe we are well suited to support the continued evolution of the acro, yoga, and fitness movements into more inclusive, more accountable, more accessible, and more socially justice focused practices. For more on each of our experiences in the social justice field see our respective bios.


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