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Sliding Scale

We are committed to making it possible for everyone who wants 

to do this work in community has the chance to join us and journey with us.

How much should I pay for a Sliding Scale offering?

Sliding Scale
for individuals

Sliding scale takes into account your financial situation and circumstances when setting tuition.  Sustaining is the higher end of the scale and intended for those with stable incomes and the ability to save.  Your ability to support at the higher end allows the course to offer sliding scale tuition!  If the "sustaining" option is not a good fit for you, select general, the default investment amount or accessible, intended for students, and others who are getting by but don’t have much extra in their budget.  For those with little-to-no income, especially in these difficult economic times, guest passes are available.  Payment plans are always available.  See our Radical Hospitality page to see more information on our participant witness and custom amounts.  If you have the ability and are keen to pay for your spot and one or more others select the Redistributive option.  


Sliding Scale
for organizations

Sliding scale rates take into account the size, annual income, and for-profit or non-profit status of your group or organization. Sustaining rates and Redistributive rates are our retail/corporate rates and are intended for larger, established organizations that have some space in the budget. Redistributive rates are intended specifically for organizations that have benefited financially from social privilege. Support at this level allows us to offer consulting and training to smaller, less financially solvent organizations or community groups for lower rates. 

For smaller organizations, community groups and nonprofits for whom the sustaining option is not a good fit, we offer our “general”and “accessible” rates. Our general rates are our at cost rates and our accessible rates are our below cost, discounted rates. Accessible rates are intended for organizations with very small budgets led by, serving, or composed of primarily folks with marginalized identities (eg BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, poor/working class, disabled, etc). 

Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan option to anyone who would prefer it. You can choose to pay a monthly or weekly amount, or another frequency that fits your budget.

Paymen Plans
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