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What our students and clients are saying: 

♦︎ Aiming for Allyship
♦︎ Allyship & Housing Justice
♦︎ Peer Space Holder

♦︎ Systems of Oppression & Antidotes



"I deeply appreciate Nat and Danya's dedication to sharing perspectives that challenge our patterns and opens up inquiry of what we can do to be better human beings. To me this is yoga.  I believe our teachers who participate in this training and begin their own inquiry into how they want to be are much better prepared to act with clarity and authenticity when confronting issues, and are more able to create loving community and space around them.  Thank you Danya and Nat for working with us."

Testimonial - Yoga Teacher Training -  Ryan, Soul of Yoga

Aiming for Allyship
Allship & Housing Justice

Ariel Mihic- She/Her

Occupied Territory of Coast Miwok

aka Sonoma, California

I wish this course was required for anyone participating in movement practices. If we all knew how to relate to each other through the lens of what is taught in this course around privilege, intersectionality, allyship, and holding each other accountable, our community spaces would feel much safer and welcoming. To stand outside of this work, is to stand outside of envisioning spaces of true belonging.

Testimonial - Aiming for Allyship - 4 week Course

"Allyship and Housing Justice is a course designed for anyone living in the US. Whether you are a renter or owner, live alone or in co-housing, want to buy land or give it all back - there is content here that will make you think deeply and differently about what it means to feel secure in your housing, what equity in housing *could* look like, what systems and structures keep us bound instead of liberated, and most importantly, ways we can all get free.  If you are feeling the call to reimagine private property, to rethink zoning restrictions, to redress predatory practices, and to reinvest in community, this course has something for you.”

Testimonial - Allyship & Housing Justice

Peer Space Holder

Peer Space Holder Testimonials

"The amount of knowledge and passion for Social Justice shared by Natalie & Danya is so refreshing & inspirational. The journey they take you on lead by their years of study and practice in their various fields is astounding. To take such a deeply controversial topic and break it down into digestible chunks is nothing short of remarkable. This course was a life changer for me and I would sign up again in a heart beat."

Testimonial - Peer Space Holder - Kathy Gade

Systems of Oppression & Antidotes

"Systems of Oppression and Antidotes is a course that encourages participants to dig into their own power and possibilities and recognize what actions they are already, and can potentially, take to move toward more liberation, both personally and in community. Danya and Nat are tremendously skilled and experienced and create an environment ripe for learning. The course content is dynamic and inspiring, crafted and selected with care. I can’t recommend this program more."


Ariel Mihic- She/Her

Occupied Territory of Coast Miwok aka Sonoma, California


I wish this course was required for anyone participating in movement practices. If we all knew how to relate to each other through the lens of what is taught in this course around privilege, intersectionality, allyship, and holding each other accountable, our community spaces would feel much safer and welcoming. To stand outside of this work, is to stand outside of envisioning spaces of true belonging.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Sirus Bouchat- They/Them
Occupied Territory of Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations
aka Chicago, Illinois


I've participated in a lot of trainings, workshops, and meetings where the goal was committing to or learning about racism, diversity, prejudice, oppression, etc., and this was far and away the most thoughtful content and the best facilitation I've ever experienced. There was a healthy balance of having a safe space to learn and practice, but also a brave space to grow and be challenged. It was really a privilege to participate in.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Paul - He/Him

Occupied Territory of Potawatomie, Ojibwa and Odawa

aka Chicago, Illinois


This is profound and valuable learning, elegantly achieved. Worth every hour you will devote to it. I have rarely felt closer to relative strangers - sharing a path to becoming better human beings.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Kathy Gade- She/Her

Occupied Territory of Ohlone Territory

aka Oakland, California


I couldn't have asked for a better course to participate in as I navigate how to be an Ally for social justice in our world today. The amount of knowledge Natalie & Danya have gathered & the work they are doing in this world is unbelievable and they attract such an incredible community of people willing to dig in and DO the WORK!

Would recommend this course to any and everybody!

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

João Paulo Pereira - He/Him

Occupied Territory of Wappo, Coast Miwok, and Southern Pomo

aka Santa Rosa, California


This course was a powerful and transformative experience, and it offered me perspectives and tools that have given new meaning to my spiritual practice and attitude in the world.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Monica Silva- She/her

Occupied Territory of Tohono O’odham and Yoeme peoples

aka Tucson, Arizona


This course was fantastic. Nat and Danya lovingly but unflinchingly guided us on a path of questioning and re-evaluating our own participation in structures of privilege and oppression. The course was full of practical tools for dismantling our own racism, defusing defensiveness, and learning how to practice ally-ship moment by moment. Nat and Danya's radical commitment to social justice was evident in the structure, pacing, and content of the course. Witnessing this, along with the supportive community the course fostered among the students, has inspired me to a new level of ongoing anti-racist study and practice.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Katie Cotton - She/Her

Occupied Territory of Acjachemen (Juaneño), Tongva and Kizh 

aka Orange County, California


No matter where one is in their journey of being an ally, the passionate thoughtful direction of Natalie and Danya will help remind, renew and inspire continual growth with topics that are difficult and uncomfortable. The amount of topics that were presented and the manner in which those topics were presented was relevant and applicable to situations allies are bound to face.

Thank you! I look forward to not just growing as an ally, I look forward to looking to Nat and Danya’s strength, grace and humility adding a compassionate educational dynamic to my journey through this course and future courses.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Taylor Robart - It/Its

Occupied Territory of Pawtucket aka Boston, Massachusetts


Anything less than taking this course or other offerings isn't doing them justice; but I'll try to anyways. In a time where we're more disconnected than ever and the world is in an age of awakening, Danya and Nat continue to do the hard work and cultivate offerings that WILL enhance your life in vitally impactful ways. From the brilliant facilitation, to the expertly designed groups all the way down to the personal guidance, you're guaranteed to get a lot out of these offerings. Whether you are just starting or looking to further your education I cannot recommend enough to take one of these offerings. 

Engage, connect, learn, expand, deepen, broaden and enhance.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

M. J. - They/Them

Occupied Territory of Multnomah, Warm Springs 

aka Portland, Oregon


The compassion, inclusion and respect that Nat and Danya demonstrate set an example that I'm inspired to emulate and embody in all aspects of my life, especially Acro community.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Liz Williams- She/Her

Occupied Territory of Ohlone aka Oakland, California


If you are looking to understand the nuances of being an ally, this class is a great place to start. Nat and Danya bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and have curated some great content to help disseminate information on addressing racism from a very personal level into the practice of Acro and beyond. The four week series is well balanced in terms of format - a bit of lecture, a lot of discourse in smaller groups, working within a larger group, and enough homework and guidance for deeper learning outside of the structured class time. I cannot recommend this class or Nat and Danya highly enough. It was an honor to spend this time studying with them and the folks that showed up in the zoom.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Steve Kluchin - He/Him

Occupied Territory of Jumanos, Tonkawa and Comanche 

aka Austin, Texas


The Justice Movement Allyship course helped me cultivate a better understanding of privilege, marginalization, and where I personally fall within the spectrum. It also did a fantastic job promoting deep discussion on a variety of often uncomfortable topics for a cis-het white passing male. I would recommend it to anyone trying to take a step back and look at how they can use their own privilege to be a better ally.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

Jill Campbell - She/Her

Occupied Territory of of St Laurence Iroquoians, Wabenaki Confederacy, Abenaki, Wendake aka Montreal, Quebec


This course is deeply impactful. The curriculum expanded my awareness about my personal privileges and power, and equipped me to engage in acts of allyship skillfully. Danya and Natalie guided us attentively in our learning, while challenging us to recognize our capabilities and opportunities as accomplices in dismantling oppressive systems. We addressed the complications and nuances that arise in this work directly through role playing and group discussion. The overall group dynamic was tremendously supportive. It was powerful to be among like minded folks looking to create change and do the work while holding each other accountable. I recommend this program wholeheartedly.

Aiming for Allyship 

4 week Course

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