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Justice Movement 
and Radical Hospitality

Committed to making it possible that everyone who wants 

to do this work in community with us has the chance to 

join us and journey with us.

Justice Movement seeks to practice radical hospitality.   We are deeply committed to financial accessibility. All of our offerings are sliding scale, with guest passes based on financial need available whenever possible.   If you experience financial hardship for any reason, but would still like to participate, contact us for options. We are always re-evaluating and seeking to improve, and we hope that by remaining open to the variable circumstances of individuals, we can both support ourselves, and share this work. In order to support this mission, if you have the ability to pre-register, and/or pay at the higher end of the scale please do so!

Did you know that we offer scholarships to everyone that requests them for our online courses and trainings? Would you like to donate to our scholarship fund to ensure that everyone that wants to can participate in our trainings and do this important work with us?  Click the donate button below. 

Thank you for your support! 

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