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Radical Hospitality

Committed to making it possible that everyone who wants 

to do this work in community with us has the chance to 

join us and journey with us.

Justice Movement seeks to practice radical hospitality.   We are deeply committed to financial accessibility. All of our offerings are sliding scale.  Payment plans are always available. Participant witness, custom amounts and guest passes based on financial need are available whenever possible.  We are always re-evaluating and seeking to improve, and we hope that by remaining open to the variable circumstances of individuals, we can both support ourselves, and share this work.  In order to support this mission, if you have the ability to pre-register, and/or pay at the higher end of the scale please do so!

Sliding Scale
for individuals

Sliding scale takes into account your financial situation and circumstances when setting tuition.  Sustaining is the higher end of the scale and intended for those with stable incomes and the ability to save.  Your ability to support at the higher end allows the course to offer sliding scale tuition!  If the "sustaining" option is not a good fit for you, select general, the default investment amount or accessible, intended for students, and others who are getting by but don’t have much extra in their budget.  For those with little-to-no income, especially in these difficult economic times, guest passes are available.  If a payment plan would make the course more accessible to you, select Payment Plan and write to us with what will work best for you.  If you have the ability and are keen to pay for your spot and one or more others select the Redistributive option.  

Our  Sliding Scale for Organizations guidelines can be found on our Rates page.

Participant Witness
Honoring the labor of lived experience

Participant witness are those who feel they are entering the space with more experience living with marginalized identities. We recognize that sharing those lived experiences is deeply valuable, and requires more emotional labor. We honor that labor. It is always invited, never expected. As you sign up, please select the “participant witness” option in the registration form, and let us know what feels best for you to contribute from zero on up. We benefit from your added voice.  We like to remind everyone that all of our identities are intersectional - by this we mean that we are all a combination of our many identities (race, ethnicity, gender-identity, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, immigration status, physical and mental ability, body type, body size, religion, political beliefs and etc.).  Most of us are not fully marginalized or fully privileged in society.  Most of us experience a combination of both privilege and marginalization as we move through life.  We believe that all of us have something to gain from working on intersectional learning and delving into areas in which we are less aware.

Guest Passes
Based on Financial Need

Guest passes are based on financial need.  Select Guest Pass on your registration from and be our guest (yes it’s that easy!)

Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan option to anyone who would prefer it. You can choose to pay a monthly or weekly amount, or another frequency that fits your budget.

Custom Amounts

A Custom amount, is an amount that honors the value of the course based on your budget.  Are you working with a specific budgeted amount either personally or from your company or organization? Let’s discuss. We are happy to try and fit an offering to your budget.

For Custom Amounts

We have participants and clients based in a wide range of contexts and geographical areas.  We know that earning potential and incomes vary greatly based on living rurally or in an urban center, in different regions and  countries and the impact of exchange rates.  These factors, in addition to systems of privilege and oppression, are the foundations of economies.  All of these systems continue to impact generational wealth or marginalization and the varying access to equal and fair salaries and wealth accumulation.   Most of our rates are set with a North American financial context in mind, if you are based in a country with a very different economic reality we encourage you to set an amount that feels fair and accessible. 

Investment Options

We believe that the different ranges of investment should be equally accessible to everyone.  Too often, those that have the least capacity and least financial means, are expected to do the most labor in terms of accessing guest passes, sponsorships and scholarships.  

This is why we incorporate all of our rates and options right into our course registration forms.  There are no extra steps, essays, or work that is required to select our more accessible rates.  We don’t limit the number of guest passes, custom amounts and participant witness spots available as long as we have enough registrations to make the offering financially sustainable.

We keep our courses relatively small and intimate, and we don’t limit the number of guest passes, custom amounts and participant witness spots available. This means that we rely on having enough registrations at the higher end of the scale to keep our work sustainable.

Sliding Scale Individual
Partipant Witness
Guest Passes
Payment Plans
Custom Amounts
Rational Custom
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