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Wed, Feb 03



Aiming for Allyship - A 4 Week Course ONLINE - February 2021

If you want to do the work, we want to work with you!

To register for Fridays: Email (Tuesday Registration Closed)
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Aiming for Allyship - A 4 Week Course ONLINE - February 2021
Aiming for Allyship - A 4 Week Course ONLINE - February 2021

Time & Location

Feb 03, 2021, 5:00 PM PST – Feb 24, 2021, 9:00 PM PST


About The Event

4 week courses to deepen relationships, understanding, support and commitment.

DATES: Wednesdays  3, 10, 17, 24 February 2021

One Group:


*We alternate offering this online course for gender focused groups some months, and then one group for everyone in other months. November we will have one group for everyone all together. In other months, when we separate groups, the first group is for women (cis and trans) and non-binary people, including those who are or identify as women, female, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, two spirit, third gender, and/or questioning. The second group is open to all who would like to participate with a focus on the experience of men. Folks who may find this course relevant are cis-men, trans-men, those who have been socialized as men or live in the world as men. There will be attention to the more glaring attributes of privilege in a patriarchal, andro-centric and cissexist society, which will highlight most the privilege of cis-men. There will be 4 designated participant witness slots for women/trans/genderqueer and non-binary people to contribute and help with group accountability. We welcome all who are drawn to this course. If you have a strong preference to join us in a month when we offer this course in two groups let us know.

TIMES: 5:00pm-8:00pm Pacific Time 

Live on Zoom!**

**(Note these discussions will not be recorded, as recording can limit some folks desire to engage.  Presentations will be available for each session)

10 People Minimum/ Group and a maximum of 24


You’ve heard the term ally, and you want to be there for people. You don’t want to unconsciously contribute to sexism and racism and other forms of systemic oppression in your life and community. But what to do?  What to say?  We’re here to help. Acting as an ally can feel complicated. We will investigate the ways in which folks have been socialized to behave, unpack male, cisgender, heterosexual and white privilege and why it not only enforces unhealthy power dynamics but also limits you, personally.  Plan and practice effective responses to sexism and racism within your communities.  Discuss how to respond when you are called in or out, and how to do that for others.  This course will be an opportunity to do some inner work, grow as a person, ask hard questions, and be a force for change in your community.  Join FemPower teachers, and Justice Movement founders, Natalie and Danya as they guide you through a deep dive into allyship and accountability.


In addition to the 3 hour sessions once per week, participants can expect to make time for journaling, reflection, between session homework as well as ‘pod’ or small groups - that meet up once/week between meetings.


  • $20-$40 Sliding scale / week
  • $80-$160 for the month
  • Scholarship
  • Payment Plan (choose this option and write us with a plan that will work for you)
  • Pay for yourself + a Scholarship ($160+$120 = $280) (pay it forward and help another participant's ability to partake. If you are able and keen to pay for more than one scholarship let us know.)
  • *** Participant Witness (see below for details)

All investment options are integrated into the Registration form.

How much should I pay for a sliding scale course? Sliding scale takes into account your financial situation and circumstances when setting tuition. The higher end of the scale ($40/week) is intended for those with stable incomes and the ability to save. Your ability to support at the higher end allows the course to offer sliding scale tuition! The lower end of the scale ($20/week) is intended for students, and others who are getting by but don’t have much extra in their budget. For those with little-to-no income, especially in these difficult economic times, scholarships are available. If a payment plan would make the course more accessible to you select payment plan and write us with what will work best for you. If you have the ability and are keen to pay for your spot and one or more others with scholarships select that option.

*** Participant witnesses are those who feel they are entering the space with more experience living with marginalized identities. We recognize that for those in this role, sharing those lived experiences is deeply valuable, and requires more emotional labor. We honor that labor. It is always invited, never expected. As you sign up, please select the “participant witness” option in the registration form, and let us know what feels best for you to contribute from zero on up. We benefit from your added voice. We like to remind everyone that all of our identities are intersectional - by this we mean that we are all a combination of our many identities (race, ethnicity, gender-identity, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, immigration status, physical and mental ability, body type, body size, religion, political beliefs and etc.). Most of us are not fully marginalized or fully privileged in society. Most of us experience a combination of both privilege and marginalization as we move through life. We believe that all of us have something to gain from working on Allyship and delving into areas in which we are less aware.

PAYMENT DETAILS: PayPal or eTransfer: OR Venmo: FemPower

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